Quote : “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. ” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

High Places has always extended its exciting experiences be it in outdoors or learning. Beyond the Outdoor Management Development Programmes, through it’s various channels and initiatives, High Places reaches out on many fronts.

Garudmaachi – A High Places Enterprise
Garudmaachi is the flagship-training and outdoor centre of High Places. From identifying an appropriate location to developing a centre that supports both outdoor and indoor needs of training programmes and meets, High Places with great care created Garudmaachi, India’s only purpose built eco friendly centre that blends with the natural habitat and yet provides necessary comfort and facilities.

Garudmaachi caters to more than 400 corporate and non-corporate outdoor programmes, conferences and meets every year.
For details visit: http://www.garudmaachi.com

Western Highlanders – A Division of High Places

'Western Highlanders' with its motto of Ideas and Expression, Focus on designing, creating and offering a blend of meaningful and value adding experiences in outdoor and adventure, nature, environment, art, culture and tradition through workshops, events, camps and outings.

Highland Champs, Highland Camping, Highland Store, Drizzly Days and Creek Jaunt are few interesting initiatives by Western Highlanders.

For details visit: http://www.westernhighlanders.com

High Sapience – A division of High Places

Going beyond outdoors, High Sapience offers practical and useful training modules for skill and concept building. Few modules offered by High Sapience –

• Building Commercial Acumen for Managers
• Decision Making
• ACE – Appropriate Communication for Excellence
• MBTI based Leadership Workshops

Social and Environmental Initiatives by High Places –

• Supporting Village Schools around Garudmaachi
• Supporting Bird Study and Conservation Projects
• Hosting International Raptors Conference at Garudmaachi
• Partnering in OXFAM walk for Charity