Why outdoors ? why experiential ? Why facilitation ? The answer to this question can be exhaustive but we have tried to answer it briefly.

Quote : “ I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” - John Burroughs

Why Outdoors ?

For any learning to happen it is important to be ready to learn and the environment needs to be conducive. Being away from structured and routine surroundings can help in leaving behind the structured and set ways of thought. The outdoor ambience provides the essential space, openness, purity, intensity and diversity that create the fundamental platform and enable reflecting and learning. An appropriate natural surrounding is soothing for the mind and body at the same time it evokes thought and action.

For an effective outdoor intervention, its location should be wisely chosen. The place has to be in a natural setting rather than crafted one and it needs to be clean, safe, spread out and should offer the right amount of challenge.

Why Experiential ?

There are various mediums of learning and all have their effect. The experiential learning medium is effective for exploratory and developmental purposes. It helps to experience self / group in real time engagement that involves the physical, mental and social aspects of every being. The golden trio of ‘thought, feel and action,’ that create dynamics in self and in groups; work in tandem, when engaged in experiences created through well-designed activities.

The impressions and impact of powerful experiences have long-term retention. This makes it a powerful medium to inspire willful change inside out.

Why Facilitation ?

Powerful experiences can create lifetime impressions and memories. When these experiences are reviewed through guided and interactive sessions, it enhances and facilitates the learning process. Experienced and Trained facilitators offer vivid observations and perceptions, raise relevant questions to reflect and uphold the boundaries of purpose and psychological safety.

The facilitator is responsible to identify, recognize and highlight the emergent realities that help in correlating phenomena in personal and/or work realities. This helps to make meanings and possibly experiment with behavior to create desirable change.