For any person learning depends on his / her readiness for it and the environment in which it happens. Being away from structured and routine surroundings can help in leaving behind the set ways of thought. Outdoors is not just about wilderness, staying in tents, roughing out and adventure. It is about a way of life, about experiencing and exploring, and having a broader canvas of nature to learn from.
The outdoor ambience provides the essential space, openness, purity, intensity, and diversity that create the fundamental platform and enables being with oneself, reflecting, understanding, being aware of the various facets of life and self. In outdoors learning happens as naturally as it can and should. Because outdoors can offer one of the most effective, memorable and long – lasting learning experiences for self, teams and organisations.
An appropriate natural surrounding is soothing for the mind and body at the same time it evokes thought and action. And hence, for an effective outdoor intervention, its location should be wisely chosen. The place has to be in a natural setting rather than a crafted one and it needs to be clean, safe, spread out and should offer the right amount of challenge.