Possible Focus Areas

Today many objectives or focus areas are specifically defined and addressed using the OMDP modality. But fundamentally most of these are derived from the basic three areas of Self, Leadership and Team.

At the core the medium of Outdoors, primarily work can be done in these areas:
  • Self
  • Leadership– First Time Leaders, Leadership Coaching, Senior Leadership Alignment
  • Team– Creating Team Identity and Building The Way Ahead for the Team

Self forms the integral part in all areas of exploration, be it Leadership, Team, or any other focus area. Because it is the self who is expected to finally create the desirable change either for the organization or the roles the person plays in personal or professional capacity. An OMDP planned for self-exploration, offers a vast canvas to identify and understand one’s behaviour and its patterns. It helps in building awareness, unlocking potential, identifying blocks and possibly deal with those blocks to bring in a change or make a shift.


Leadership is a choice one makes and orients self to decide and drive purpose through effective management of resources and be responsible and accountable for the same. An OMDP helps explore Leadership in action, where the various facets like choice and decision-making, influencing, communicating, owning, delegating and many more can be experienced and explored. It helps understand one’s core behaviours that enable to lead and know the blocks that impede leading. It assists to realize one’s constructs of leadership phenomena and facilitates customizing behaviour so as to appreciate the leadership process along with its challenges.


By its very nature of group working, an OMDP becomes an ideal platform to explore and develop teams. It is said ‘sharing and caring comes natural in outdoors’. Right from sharing space to engaging together in challenges, it creates an opportunity to experience self in a team context. It helps explore differences and commonalities, group dynamics, perceptions, connects and interfaces between team members. This provides a mirror to reflect and an opportunity to realign one’s behaviours for fruitful and enjoyable coexistence.

All interventions offered by High Places are customized and specifically designed to suite the requirements of the specific organization.High Places has also successfully integrated use of Outdoors with Specific Inventories and Tools like MBTI, CPI, BEI, FIRO – B, etc.