High Places

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”
-Vincent van Gogh

Highland Champs

It’s a thrilling journey of exploration and discovery for children! From treasure hunts in the forest to climbing mountains, every day is packed with exciting activities that spark curiosity and fuel the spirit of adventure. Sharing stories and talents around campfire ensures every child has a chance to shine. Nature teaches valuable lessons, children learn about the wonders of the natural world and the importance of conservation. These camps are guided and monitored by trained experts.

Wellness Outdoor Camps

To escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and help people immerse in the tranquillity of nature. These are holistic experiences that help rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. A chance to quiet the mind and find inner balance through meaningful engagements and activities, digital detox, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and nature walking. Whether for  seeking relaxation, rejuvenation or simply a break from the daily grind the Wellness Outdoor camp is just right for you.

Drizzly Days

Don’t let the rain dampen the spirits; embrace the beauty of Drizzly Days at Garudmaachi! A chance to experience the rains in its full bounty, drench in the beauty of nature, feel the clouds, listen to the sounds of water and engage in exciting activities. Experience all of this in a safe and secure environment at Garudmaachi with hot cup of tea or soup and  delicious homely food.

Creek Jaunt

An unique experience, a boat trip through an estuary that unfolds amazing views through the mangroves and its bird life. Feel the sea winds and splashes and enjoy local delicious food. Great for small teams and groups who wish to really experience something different.
The Festive Creek Jaunt, happens once in a year. The environment is full of excitement, colours and sound. There is an unique sail boat race and people from different villages, all in their boats cheer their sail boats.

Garud Bharari

A specially designed adventure challenge. Three days of non-stop adventure that pushes the limits mentally and physically. Tough treks, Rappelling, Climbing, Jumaring, Camping, Raft Building, Treasure Hunt, Cycling, Puzzles and so much more…
Best suited to challenge the brainy and fitness enthusiasts within Organisations, inter Organisations and Institutions. Garud Bharari is the event that brings the best out of everyone just to yearn for the next one!

Camp With Dad

“Camp with Dad” is a special experience designed for all the fathers and their kids. A dedicated time, away from home, pitching a tent, cooking, spending starry nights lying on the ground gazing the stars, being together and doing things. A time that is much needed for both.
A thoughtful and special camp for kids between 8 to 13 years and their fathers to create a special connect and lifetime memories…

Bird Hide (For Photography)

For birding and bird photography lovers capturing the right moment is a dream. This usually requires time, travel and patience. We just made it easy, accessible and close to you at Garudmaachi, with over 105 species of birds residing within the 55 acres of the ever green forest.
Our specially designed Bird Hide is the right place to capture the right moments while the birds take a splash in the pond, give poses on the perches, or are chirping and playing around!

Forest Bathing

Shinrin Yoku is the Japanese term for Forest Bathing which is a practice of spending time in a forest or natural ambience, focusing on sensory engagement to connect with nature. Its scientific benefits extend from relaxation to healing.
The expansive forest at Garudmaachi make it the right place to drench in nature. The guided experience helps engaging in a correct way to get the right feel.


If you wish to experience genuine camping in wilderness and yet be assured of safety, then Garudmaachi is the place.
Be an explorer – pitch a tent, experience jungle cooking, sit around the bonfire and watch the stars. Our Outdoor experts make this experience safe and exciting. Camping can be enriching and great fun at the defined camping locations in Garudmaachi.


Nostalgia twigs our mind and brings back memories, people, places, things and lot more! Reunions are the best way to cherish those memories with same people albeit after a gap.
A good place and ambience for a reunion makes a big difference. Garudmaachi offers abundant nature, no distractions, great options for interesting activities  and necessary comfort that can make a reunion memorable.

Art and Music Workshops

Nature has always been an inspiration for art and artists. That’s the reason why many musicians, painters, studio potters, sculptors, photographers, singers, actors and writers prefer Garudmaachi for workshops or for exploring the art for self.
Garudmaachi has both, the pristine rawness of nature and essential conveniences that help the artists to focus on their art. It is an art abode…