High Places


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27th September 1989 till date…

For High Places, its decision to commit to OMDP in 1989, brought in new challenges. Both Vasant and Mrunal spent days and months meeting different organizations to share how this new concept and the learning medium could add value to their managers and organizations. What helped was the experience of first 4 programmes and slowly few organisations dared to try this medium. As High Places conducted more programmes, people and organizations were more ready to believe in this concept and medium.

Chapter One: 1989 – 1999
  • India’s first Outdoor Training Programme was conducted at Rajmaachi.
  • After Rajmaachi (near Lonavala), Malshej Ghat became the next preferred location.
  • First dedicated site leased and developed at Khanapur, near Khadakwasla, Pune.
  • Bhilar (Mahabaleshwar) Campsite was the next.
  • First Outdoor Training Programme conducted in South India at Muthathi, Karnataka.
  • The MTDC resort on Fort Sinhagad, Pune was taken over, renovated, and renamed ‘The Mountain Hut’, the home for many OMDPs for next 10 years.
  • The first overseas Outdoor Training Programme was conducted in Sri Lanka.
Chapter Two: 2000 – 2009
  • High Places organised the first of its kind Seminar on ‘Roles and Responsibilities’ for Outdoor Experts.
  • First Outdoor Training Programme conducted in East India near Tarkhola.
  • High Places conceptualised and created ‘Garudmaachi’, the first and only of its kind purpose-built Training Centre in the Tamhini Ghats, near Pune.
  • A unique outdoor challenge ‘Garud Bharari’ was organised as a developmental programme for our Outdoor Experts.
  • Organised a special business presentation by Sir Chris Bonington to support the Himalayan Club.
  • The first Outdoor Training Programme conducted in Sultanate of Oman with partner BTME.
  • The Management Development Centre was added to Garudmaachi.
Chapter Three: 2010
  • Garudmaachi was honoured with TESE Merit Certificate for the best Ecofriendly Architecture in natural habitat. High Places MD, Ms. Mrunal Paranjape was honoured with AESA Award for Landscaping Designing Spaces at Garudmaachi.
  • High Places completed 25 years in 2014. A special symposium was organised and over 250 significant persons from various organisations, outdoor companies and consultants graced this event.
  • Garudmaachi hosted the ‘International Raptors Conference’ for over 100 delegates.
  • The first Outdoor Training Programme was conducted in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Garud Bharari – 2 was organised.
  • Conducted a Specially Designed Outdoor Training Programme for the Indian Cricket Team at Garudmaachi.
  • Conducted a unique 8 weeks ‘Trans Himalayan Road Expedition – Himayatra’ spanning 12500 kms.
  • Garud Bharari – 3 was organised.
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